About us

The German Council of Shopping Pelaces (GCSP) is the only association in Germany representing the interests of retail property owners. More than 750 member companies from the areas of development and analysis, financing, centre management, architecture, retail properties, retailers and marketing specialists create an active group that's an ideal network for retail property owners and industry players. With round 1 million employees and directly affected service providers, the GCSP member companies represent a nationally important business branch.

Currently, well-known management companies from the following industries are represented:

  • Shopping centres
  • DIY centres
  • Business properties
  • Real estate developers
  • Banks
  • Retailers
  • Cinema and entertainment operators
  • Management consulting agencies
  • Advertising agencies
  • Specialists from interior decorating / designing industry
  • Architects

The German Council of Shopping Places diligently advocates and represents the interest of its members, functions as an opinion maker, organizes and informs and creates business contacts.
Various activities and services are available to all members.